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Re: Lingo Voip SUCKS!

keeldragger (
6 Dec 2004 17:18:32 -0800

I just went to Lingo and am very happy with the service.

I have to agree with you regarding the local number portability. LINGO
should be able to tell you up front if they can transfer the number OR
refund your money.

In my case, I also have Verizon for local service. I checked several
other providers (Vonage, ATT, etc.) and none of them said my number
was portable. Lingo could never confirm or deny ... they said it
depended on my current service provider. I called Verizon and the rep
I spoke with said there are no limitations whatsoever from their
perspective. Oh, I also emailed Verizon's tech support. Verizon. I
received a confirmation of my request and 3 business days later (5
days total) and I have not yet received a reply.

LINGO my suck but in my opinion, VERIZON SUCKS WORSE. Any idea why
Verizon would charge me $68/mth (including taxes) for local service
when I can get more features from Lingo. I'm pretty sure my fees to
Verizon don't include customer support because I have found Lingo to
be much more responsive (although not terrific).

I bit the bullet and said screw it ... I'm going to just give up on
porting my number. It's not worth the hassle. But I'm going to keep
Lingo. Verizon is fired.


Garth Nospam wrote:

> Well let me state that Lingo still SUCKS!

> I'm always happy to blame Verizon whenever possible but I think in my
> case Primus (Lingo) is being run in very non business friendly way.

> Now remember, it took Lingo 40+ days to tell me they could not port
> my phone number to their system.

> I checked around with other Voip companies and even Verizon's Voip
> service. None of them support porting my number including Verizon who
> provides me my local service and current number! How long did it take
> all the other company's to tell me this? NOT 40 DAYS! About 30 sec
> with a built in search function on their web pages!!!

> Now tell me Lingo is not scamming people with their $39.90 disconnect
> charge.

> -Garth

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