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Re: WiFi Centrino RANGE Increase POSSIBLE?

Scott Dorsey (
30 Nov 2004 10:33:09 -0500

Tony P. <> wrote:

> In article <>, chipg_
> says:

>> Michal <> wrote in message

>>> I have a Toshiba A50-101 which is Centrino (with Wifi of course) I'm
>>> using Wifi access point from Linksys named WAG54G. I need to use the
>>> computer on other floor than the access point is. It works really
>>> poor. The wifi range is not sufficient. Is it possible to increase my
>>> wifi range by using some sort of PCMCIA antenna or something?

What sort of internal WiFi card and antenna does it currently have?

>> Personally, I use an Avaya Wireless PC Card and find that my reception
>> is much better than using the integrated WiFi on my IBM Thinkpad
>> T-41. I am not real familiar with the PC model you mention but suspect
>> that you will find that a PC Card will work better. The Avaya Wireless
>> card I have also has a little jack on it which allows for attaching an
>> external antenna.

What sort of internal WiFi card and antenna does the Thinkpad have?

> I've found the Centrino equipped laptops we have at our office
> function quite well without any external antennae, etc. Ranges in
> excess of 300' are quite possible with these babies.

What sort of internal WiFi card and antenna do these have?

Guys, the level of performance between different cards is radically
different. You can't just say "it's a centrino" and be saying
anything relevant about the WiFi performance. If the original poster
is getting rotten performance, a better card and antenna might be a
big help. Then again, if he already has a decently performing one it
might not be.


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