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Verizon Fios and its Effect on v.90 Modems?

23 Nov 2004 11:30:11 -0800

It looks like we'll soon be getting Verizon's fiber-to-the-premises on
our street, so I can give up my Adelphia cable modem. In reading
about other people's experiences, however, a thought has occurred to

It is sometimes necessary for me to dial up via modem when my home
broadband connection doesn't work, or there are VPN issues between my
laptop and the workplace. It's my understanding that when people opt
to have the fiber broadband brought to their house, it *replaces* the
existing copper pairs which are currently serving my analog phone - a
box is mounted outside the house, the fiber goes in, and broadband and
phone connections come out and go into the house. (Somewhere in
there, power and backup battery from the homeowner come into play as

I understand that v.90 gets its high-speed inbound capability when
there is a pure digital path from the remote / server "modem" end all
the way to a single D/A converter which serves the analog feed to the
house. The shorter and cleaner the analog end, the better the modem
does. And if there's another A/D - D/A stage in between, the v.90
"magic" is lost.

Does anyone know whether FTTP, at least for Verizon, means that the
phone connection can now be pure digital all the way to my house, or
is some sort of conversion performed on the signal before it gets to
the neighborhood which might wreak havoc with v.90?


Charles Green

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