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Re: Couple of Basic Cellular Questions

Joseph (
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 03:31:22 -0800

On Sun, 21 Nov 2004 00:06:57 -0500, Michael A. Covington
<> wrote:

> (1) If I were to buy Samsung's USB data cable, would I be able to
> download my own ringtones and graphics directly to the telephone?
> Pointers on how to do this would be most welcome. What software do
> you use on the PC? What are the file requirements for ringtones and
> screen graphics?

If your phone is capable of using downloaded/uploaded graphics,
ringtones and other data then yes, the Samsung. If you had provided
the particular model it might be possible to recommend something.
>From a cursory google search there's quite a bit that seems to be
available for Samsung just doing a search for "upload to Samsung with
USB data cable."

> (2) Is there any market or good use for used Nokia TDMA telephones
> that are deactivated? They still connect to Cingular, they just
> aren't allowed to make calls. Am I right in thinking that such a
> phone can still call 911? In that case we might put one in each car
> along with its car charger. Or is there a secondhand market?

Unless it's a brand spanking new model I'm afraid that the answer is
no; there's no real market for used mobile equipment other than stuff
that's relatively new. I'm not sure what the situation is now that
Cingular has acquired AT&T Wireless, but it was possible with AT&T
Wireless resellers such as CallPlus and Beyond Wireless to activate
used equipment with them and use their service. Some of them have
monthly access as little as $1.50 (JusTalk) while others such as
Beyond Wireless the account never expires you just have to use it for
a minimum one minute call before the end of sixty days.

> I realize these are probably FAQs and it's quite OK to reply by just
> giving me a URL. Trying to find the answer on Google I found a mess
> of 'hacker' and pornographic sites. Apparently there is a brisk
> market for cell phone screen pornography!

You evidently did not use the correct search terms since I found lots
and lots of stuff available. If you're too vague or use the wrong
search terms you may indeed find "phone porn." I didn't find any of

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