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Couple of Basic Cellular Questions

Michael A. Covington (
Sun, 21 Nov 2004 00:06:57 -0500

I just entered the 21st Century by trading in my family's TDMA Nokia
cellphones for a set of Samsung GSM ones, complete with color screens,
polyphonic ringtones, and flip-open cases ("Beam me up, Scotty!") ...

Couple of questions:

(1) If I were to buy Samsung's USB data cable, would I be able to
download my own ringtones and graphics directly to the telephone?
Pointers on how to do this would be most welcome. What software do
you use on the PC? What are the file requirements for ringtones and
screen graphics?

(2) Is there any market or good use for used Nokia TDMA telephones
that are deactivated? They still connect to Cingular, they just
aren't allowed to make calls. Am I right in thinking that such a
phone can still call 911? In that case we might put one in each car
along with its car charger. Or is there a secondhand market?

I realize these are probably FAQs and it's quite OK to reply by just
giving me a URL. Trying to find the answer on Google I found a mess
of 'hacker' and pornographic sites. Apparently there is a brisk
market for cell phone screen pornography!

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