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VOIP Question

burris (
Mon, 02 Jul 2007 17:00:46 -0400

What happens to the telephone numbers that were ported if a VOIP
provider goes out of business?

Do they have to notify customers and allow them to switch carriers?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well I can tell you AT&T would be very
derelict if they failed to hustle these new (and probably old, very
long time ago) customers. I do know that in the case of Prairie Stream
Telecom, when that company went out of business, Southwestern Bell (or
by that point in time, AT&T) sent lots -- and I mean a lot -- of junk
mail out inviting all of us to rejoin the fold once again, and telling
us they would be 'so pleased' to welcome us back. So pleased, in
fact, that they would give us each fifty dollar VISA gift cards to
show their pleasure. Prairie Stream recommended Sage as their
replacement so I took them instead of going back to the 'new' AT&T.
I am sure the VOIP provider has to tell other carriers so the other
carriers can try and pitch to the left over customers. PAT]

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Jeremy Morton <> writes:

> I'm in the UK. [...] The extension plug is an RJ14, but the
> splitter's socket is an RJ11 (2 pins instead of 4). [...] But
> here's the weird thing -- the ADSL connection works fine when the
> modem's plugged into the upstairs socket.

Are you sure that's actually a splitter, not a microfilter? It sounds
from your description like the upstairs socket was installed for ADSL
use with a microfilter on the master socket -- an arrangement that was
pretty common in the early days of BT ADSL. Some models of microfilter
do look very similar to regular splitters, except that they have an
RJ11 for the ADSL modem rather than a normal BS6312 phone socket.

Adam Sampson <> <>

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