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Re: 511 Traffic Phone Lines May Raise Crash Risk
7 Mar 2007 14:09:26 -0800

On Mar 6, 4:06 pm, (Robert Bonomi) wrote:

> Its not so much 'talking on the radio' per se, but the _kind_ of
> conversations that go on. ...

This is very true and very significant. Some claim it is the hand-
held unit that is the problem and a headset solves it. Wrong, that is
a dangerous misconception. It's the cell phone conversation itself
that is dangerous for drivers (and pedestrians, too.)

Also, radio conversations are much more brief and terse:



"yeah, we got a call on Main St., lemme see, was that 4321, 2134, oh,
here it is, 1234 Main. Yeah, that's the brick building with those
cute hanging plants outside just like my sister has. You remember
her, she had that holiday party last year where you got SO drunk? Oh
man, you were plastered! My sister was pissed at you! Whaddaya mean
I was drunk, too? No way! I had two beers and that was it! And I
didn't go around bragging that my girlfriend had the biggest boobs
like you did. Anyway, go over to Main St, whereever the hell that was
and check it out."

> It is also true that police officers _do_ have more training on the
> subject than "Joe Sixpack' does. I don't know of a civiian 'drivers
> ed' course that touches on the matter, nor a state license exam that
> addresses it.

My employer sent those of us who used company cars to a driver
training class, taught in the same facilities as police officers are
taught in. These had the driving simulator machines. Our course was
nothing like a cop's course but it was tough.

Talking on a cell phone and driving ought to be illegal except in
emergencies. Plain and simple. I see way too many dangerous mistakes
by driver's yakking around, oblivious to their surroundings, even when
honked at by motorists. Also, yakkers block traffic by stopping at
green lights, going too slowly, and ending up in the wrong lane. At
my toll gate there's always a cell phone yakker in the wrong lane
messing things up for everyone else. They don't even stop talking
when they realize their mistake!

Pedestrians shouldn't cross streets while on their cell phone either.
They're just as distracted and a target to get run over.

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