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Re: Old Interurbans (was Skokie Swift)
7 Mar 2007 07:42:32 -0800

On Mar 1, 7:13 pm, Neal McLain <> wrote:

> Unfortunately, most of the history of the old interurbans has been
> lost.

There are a great many books on the history of interurbans. Some deal
with interurbans in general, others are detailed stories on a specific
line. Some are out of print, but new ones are being published.

Do an author search on William Middleton who has been a prolific
writer on the subject. Also, has new books

A brand new interurban is running between Trenton NJ and Camden NJ,
operated by NJ Transit.

[dupe of prior lost post]

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Another excellent interurban line for
many years was the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad
(the electric orange train which ran between Randolph Street in
downtown Chicago and South Bend, Indiana. In its hey-day, it ran every
thirty minutes round the clock between those two points, with six or
eight car trains. It ran on its own tracks all the way from South Bend
to 115th Street/Kensington Station in Chicago, at which point it leased
the Illinois Central tracks for the remainder of its trip. (ICRR was
also an electric train with overhead catenary-style wires. Quite a few
years back, they cut down service to South Bend to once per hour, then
eventually just a few trains daily. Now I understand they only run the
train as far east as Gary, Indiana and possibly one or two trains
daily to Michigan City, or possibly further east to South Bend. All of
their 'own' stations -- that is, east of the split-away from Illinois
Central at 115th Street are in terrible decay, just like CTA's
stations. PAT]

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