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Re: Need Power Connector for Millenium Payphone

T (
Tue, 19 Jun 2007 20:08:49 -0400

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> Hi T:

> You would have to -- either that, or re-write the program on its eprom,
> and I just don't have that ability ... The Millenium calls home for
> everything -- The Millenium is the most secure payphone on the market and
> to keep it that way, information on the phone is very hard to find. Only
> details which are publicly available on the phone will be noted here.

> Millenium phones call daily to their "hive" and contain internal alarms
> to monitor activity on the phone. Dial tone heard when the handset is
> raised is computer generated, and the rate tables are contained within
> the phone and programmed and updated by the Millenium manager. A
> scrolling advertising line on the phones may also be programmed via the
> Millenium Manager to show up to 20 advertisements on the display's
> second line. The Manager can provide constant checks of the phone right
> down to the number and denominations of coins in the box, credit card
> verification, self-diagnostics, logging of operational notes such as
> cleaning and delivery directory dates, and detailed call activity
> statistics which may be used for planning.

> The Millenium is available with or without a smart card reader or a
> multicard reader option allowing users to use magnetic stripe
> commercial credit cards, calling cards and smart cards / chip cards,
> and with an optional jack which allow users with portable computers to
> connect through the phone. The options are seemingly endless.

> -- E.T. Call Home - the Millenium Way!

Oh nice! Do you happen to know what CPU the phone uses? I bet it's
either a Z80 or a 68000 series.

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