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> On Jun 18, 10:08 pm, David B. Horvath, CCP <>
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>> That is a completely different issue you are raising PAT. The original
>> poster was commenting about computer indexes making it "too easy" for
>> others to find out about youthful indiscretions preventing them from
>> getting a job.

>> If there was a conviction when the person was younger with rules
>> prohibiting employment (hiring or security clearance) or the exercise
>> of certain rights (voting or gun ownership), then the ability of
>> employers/government agencies to find that out is not really a
>> computer issue!

> Again, some things, such as aquittals or mere suspicions, could be
> buried in paper files never to see light again. With computerized
> indexes, that is less likely.

I have direct experience where that is concerned. I used to be the IT
Director for the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General. That
department held all charge data for all the police departments in
Rhode Island. As such all departments had access to the database.

The way it was supposed to work is that the charges went in, along
with their dispositions. But it took a good long time to get the
disposition data into the database.

And then there are charges that never get disposed but live in the

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