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Re: Need Power Connector for Millenium Payphone

Dave Hunter (
Tue, 19 Jun 2007 18:36:13 GMT

Hi T:

You would have to -- either that, or re-write the program on its eprom,
and I just don't have that ability ... The Millenium calls home for
everything -- The Millenium is the most secure payphone on the market and
to keep it that way, information on the phone is very hard to find. Only
details which are publicly available on the phone will be noted here.

Millenium phones call daily to their "hive" and contain internal alarms
to monitor activity on the phone. Dial tone heard when the handset is
raised is computer generated, and the rate tables are contained within
the phone and programmed and updated by the Millenium manager. A
scrolling advertising line on the phones may also be programmed via the
Millenium Manager to show up to 20 advertisements on the display's
second line. The Manager can provide constant checks of the phone right
down to the number and denominations of coins in the box, credit card
verification, self-diagnostics, logging of operational notes such as
cleaning and delivery directory dates, and detailed call activity
statistics which may be used for planning.

The Millenium is available with or without a smart card reader or a
multicard reader option allowing users to use magnetic stripe
commercial credit cards, calling cards and smart cards / chip cards,
and with an optional jack which allow users with portable computers to
connect through the phone. The options are seemingly endless.

-- E.T. Call Home - the Millenium Way!


T wrote:

> In article <>, says:

>> Im looking for a power connector for a Nortel/Quortech Millenium
>> payphone in the museum's collection so that it can be shown with its
>> display lighted on display. I realize that it won't be able to be used
>> for calls ...

>> The needed connector is the one which +/- 24 volts is connected to,
>> and also ring and tip and which then plugs into the the NT5U01 BR rear
>> terminal board assembly. I believe the part number for the missing
>> connector is CPD13S04P2.

>> I realize I could solder the connections directly to the board if
>> absolutely necessary, but would prefer not to go that route if the
>> correct connector can be found.

>> Thanks,

>> Dave
>> Telephone Museum of P.E.I.

> Hey Dave, why can't the display be used? You could probably use a PIC
> to control it.

> Tony

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