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Re: Cincinnati Bell and SNET (was Cingular & at&t)
14 May 2007 07:15:38 -0700

On May 13, 3:54 am, Mike Z <> wrote:

> While it is true that pre-divestiture AT&T owned less than 50% of
> Cincinnati Bell and Connecticut's SNET (Southern New England Tel), and
> that Judge Greene treated each one "separately" for the 1984
> divestiture, AT&T did consider both to be "Bell" telcos prior to
> 1984. Both of them were fully able to participate in Western Electric
> and Bell Labs licensing, patents, trademarks, products, technology,
> etc. Both of these "partially AT&T held" telcos also used the "Bell"
> logo all throughout the pre-1984 "Bell System" history.

I believe that the AT&T's ownership and influence was strong enough
that those companies appeared to be just like other Bell companies.

Despite the Bell Systems very extensive standardization* there were
differences between the individual companies and even within a
company. Part of this came from state PUC mandates. In terms of
business office computerization, some companies used Univac, some used
IBM and obviously not a standard set of commercial (billing, payroll)

> long distance provider, and that VeriZon is even more "unique" in that

Just a side note, Verizon doesn't have (nor ever did) a capital Z.**

So Cincinnati Bell is not owned by one of the "big" regional baby
bells? Who is "Broadwing"?

* The Pennsylvania Railroad once had a slogan "the standard railroad
of the world". People mistook that to me it was heavilly
standardized. What it actually meant was that the railroad was the
leader, the "standard-bearer" of all other railroads. At one time 100
years ago, "standard" meant leader ("standard" was a synonym for flag
or emblem).

** Sometimes people miswrite "AmTraK", which was never used, it was
always Amtrak. Conrail was originally "ConRail", but dropped the
capital R and became plain "Conrail".

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