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Re: A Message from AT&T for Yahoo Members

Rich Greenberg (
Sun, 13 May 2007 23:18:36 UTC

In article <>, John Mayson
<> wrote:

> I've been waiting with bated breath for at&t (before that SBC and
> before that Southwestern Bell) to offer DSL in my neighborhood because
> it's 1/3 the cost of my cable modem service with Time Warner. However
> after talking to DSL customers, I'm beginning to have second thoughts.

> I rarely have issues with my broadband service, but when I do I can
> usually talk to the tech and prove to him (not being sexist, it's
> always a male) I know what I'm talking about. Once I spit out outputs
> of ifconfig, ping, and talk about my TCP/IP settings, we can move
> beyond the "is your blue cable plugged into your cable modem". I
> understand that at&t Texas DSL will not do this. They must "follow
> the script" so you end up spending 10 minutes checking things like
> power and cables.

Probably not a problem. You order DSL, and a few days later get a box
in the mail (or from UPS/Fedex) Containing the modem, cables and

You follow the instructions, hook it up and it works. If you know
what you are doing you will probably never need to call tech

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