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Re: Cingular - AT&T ?
9 May 2007 14:07:16 -0700

On May 9, 1:13 am, (John L) wrote:

> Last year, SBC, now AT&T, bought Bellsouth and has been merging it
> into the new AT&T. This means that Cingular is now entirely owned by
> the new AT&T. Having just finished the expensive process of
> re-rebranding all of the former ATTWS properties from AT&T to
> Cingular, now they are starting the even more expensive process of
> re-re-rebranding Cingular back to AT&T.

> Confused yet?

Very. But thanks for the explanation.

What I don't understand is that I thought the old AT&T cellular
carrier didn't have such a great reputation, but Cingular did. Given
that, and as you say all the branding work, I don't see how renaming
Cingular into "at&t" makes sense. Whatever cachet 'at&t' or "AT&T"
had is long gone, it's been nearly 25 years since divesture. Younger
people, the prime target market for profitable premium cell service,
wouldn't remember the old Bell System or its solid service standards
at all. Older folks who would remember would want only bare bones
cell service and not spend money on fancy tunes.

While we're on the subject, after divesture whatever happened to Bell
Canada and Cincinnatti Bell, of which I believe AT&T didn't own very

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