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Wed, 9 May 2007 20:57:29 EDT

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> Last year, SBC, now AT&T, bought Bellsouth and has been merging it
> into the new AT&T. This means that Cingular is now entirely owned by
> the new AT&T. Having just finished the expensive process of
> re-rebranding all of the former ATTWS properties from AT&T to
> Cingular, now they are starting the even more expensive process of
> re-re-rebranding Cingular back to AT&T.

> Confused yet?

It is not particularly unusual for an acquiring company to adopt the
name of the company it is acquiring. NationsBank (formerly NCNB
National Bank, earlier North Carolina National Bank) acquired Bank of
America and prompty changed its name to Bank of America. Which is why
Bank of America now has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Another example is the Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, which
bought the Southern Pacific Company and changed its name to Southern
Pacific. Which is why Southern Pacific's headquarters were in Denver
when SP (one-time parent of Sprint) was sold to Union Pacific.

Wes Leatherock

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This also happened with Sprint and
United Telephone, where the purchaser, United Tel changed its name
to that of the company it bought, Sprint. PAT]

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