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Telekommunisten Announce Dialstation Public Beta

Dmytri Kleiner (
8 May 2007 11:12:47 -0700

Telekommunisten Announce Dialstation Public Beta
+49 30 200 0903


Dialstation is the ideal way to make international calls from your
mobile telephone. Inexpensive and convenient, dialstation works with
any normal telephone and does not require any special software.

Epoch-defining revolutionary changes in transportation and
communication, along with the growth of the informal economy and
trans-local communities are changing the world. Many of us have
friends, family and business contacts in different
countries. Communicating internationally is increasingly a daily fact
of life.

In order to make international calling affordable, new ways of calling
have emerged. Most people have heard of Voice Over IP (VoIP) and
Calling Cards, however each of these have their drawbacks. VoIP
requires you to make your calls from a computer or IP telephone, which
is not always possible. Calling cards are not always available, and

Dialstation is a prepaid calling service designed to be used from your
mobile phone. You can make a call my sending an SMS, calling the voice
gateway or by using the unique "Personal Direct Number" (PDN) system.

Dialstation gives you Personal Direct Numbers for the people you
call most often. For each person you call frequently,
Dialstation generates a unique phone number that you can save
in your contact book. You can use the PDN to reach this person
simply by telephoning directly to it, as often as you like, with
no codes or calling card numbers to remember.

Dialstation is very inexpensive. Rates to many countries, such as
China, Argentina, Venezuela, Australia, the USA and Canada are just 3
Euro cents per minute. European Landlines are also just 3 Euro cents
per minute. Mobile telephones in most European countries are 17 Euro
cents per minute. Calls to Russia and Brazil are just 5 Euro cents.
Calling India is just 9 Euro cents per minute.

Check our website to find the detailed rates for your common

To get you started, your first call is free for up to 20 minutes,
depending on the destination.

As an extra bonus, the recipient of every call you make gets 20% of
the price of the call credit to their account, so they too can make
dialstation calls. Another reason people will be glad you called!

Telekommunisten is a Berlin-based Canadian/German worker-owned
technology company.


Telekommunisten is 100% worker-owned. We are committed to free
software, social justice, international development and building a
worker-controlled economy.

When you use Dialstation, you support our work. We need your help to
spread the word. Please forward this announcement to where interest
may be found. The Revolution is Calling.

We believe that capitalism and the resulting global dominance of
undemocratic corporations are the source of poverty, inequality, war
and environmental catastrophe. We believe the solution can be found in
workers autonomously organizing their own production. Without the
theft of labour's product, the oligarchs would not have the wealth to
control corrupt politicians and fund immoral wars.

We believe that only socialism can create a truly free market.


Any Dialstation user can practice Venture Communism and become a
Dialstation vendor. Any user can make and distribute Dialstation
vouchers. This creates a market opportunity for those who want to make
Dialstation vouchers available in parts of the world where Internet
access and bank accounts are uncommon. This also allows groups of
users to create their own Dialstation gift economy.

For more information please see

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