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> ARPA devised "TCP/IP" protocol. Was it patented? Did IBM patent
> their Bi-Sync and later SNA protocols? Did Bell patent its early
> dial- up handshaking? Does JCR Licklider, director of a ARPA computer
> defense project in 1962, hold to sponsor any patents?

Software was -not- patentable, under the laws then in effect.
Nor was a 'process', be it the means of producing an industrial chemical
or 'dial-up handshaking'.

> Time sharing required a facility known as "Dynamic Address
> Translation". I wonder if this was patented.

The process? "impossible".

A specific _circuit_ that did it? possibly.

Writing the claims broadly enough to apply to different physical address
bus architectures would have been a challenge.

> include it in its original System/360 line in 1964 and not support
> timesharing, but General Electric did and their machines were used for
> early timeshared computers. IBM later added this to its System/360
> model 67 and its System/370 line. Time sharing proved to be a lot
> harder to implemented than first predicted; it was a heavy CPU and
> meory drain which was a problem on the technology of the 1960s.

> Some in the early 1960s predicted time sharing would allow
> "democratization" of computer services, by allowing acess by anyone
> through a terminal to an expensive computer. Some of these published
> predictions described the Internet as we have it today [in 2007] as
> being available in 1990, it took another full decade for that to come
> to fruition.

> The book also covers various other aspects of the computer and
> information processing industry.

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