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Steve Crow (
29 Mar 2007 07:15:46 -0700

I've used GrandCentral pretty much since the beginning and it's come a
long way. Reliability has improved considerably, though it's still
common for calls to mysteriously drop or go silent after about 10
minutes into a call. The call recording, seamless in-call transfer,
and unlimited storage space for voicemail and call recordings is very

A recent enhancement to the service allows you to forward incoming
calls to a Gizmo Project/SIPphone SIP number in addition to PSTN
numbers. This is quite valuable for someone who would otherwise be
paying $12 or $36 every 3 months for a PSTN number from Gizmo.
Hopefully this capability will expand to other SIP providers in the
near future.

If there's one drawback, it's that product support is very hit-or-miss
right now. Of course, it's in beta, so some problems are to be
expected. However, it seems to be a matter of flipping a coin as to
whether or not you'll get a reply to trouble tickets and support
requests. I've got several in that have gone ignored for weeks, while
a previous trouble ticket about persistent downtime in Richmond, VA
got a personal phone call from Craig Walker, CEO of GrandCentral.
Seems it's either all or nothing. I'm sure that will improve with time
and the official release of the product, which appears to be right
around the corner.

Even with its occasional glitches, it's been reliable enough lately to
be my primary phone number. I've gone strictly VoIP (more incredibly,
almost entirely Wi-Fi VoIP). The Gizmo integration is fantastic, since
that's what I use for my SIP service (you can now customize your Gizmo
Caller ID, so I have mine set to transmit my GrandCentral phone
number). I think GrandCentral's feature set-- particularly call
recording, blocking, custom call handling, telemarketing filters,
etc-- are particularly valuable paired with something like Gizmo.

All that said, I'm certainly satisfied with it.

On Mar 27, 8:42 pm, John Mayson <> wrote:

> Has anyone tried the service offered by Grand Central?


> They offer a free telephone number that'll try all of your phone
> numbers until it reaches you. I personally have no use for this
> service, but am curious nonetheless if anyone has heard anything good
> or bad. I'd be hesitant to give out my phone numbers.

> John

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