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Re: How to Change the Time on a Mitel SX-2000 Phone Switch

Jonathan Williams (
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 06:48:29 -0400

At your terminal, log into the switch using name (usually maint1 or
installer) and password.

Go to the maintenance screen (press esc then 6; the 6 at the top of the
keyboard not the numpad) from the desktop screen
type in time 00:00:00 (24hr format) press Enter
when done press Esc then 1 to log out

<> wrote in message

> Hey, with this daylight savings time coming up early, I'm left to
> change the time myself. I can't figure how to do this, does anyone
> know?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I hope you all did rememebr to set
your clocks _forward one hour_ sometime over the weekend. You may
recall on Friday or Saturday I told you 'those of us with all the
time internet connections and clock software should have no trouble;
it would be done automatically'. Well not quite. I have two different
clock software things here, I do not know which of them screwed up,
or maybe both of them. I have 'T Clock Ex ' by Dale Nurden, which
is mostly a fancy display thing, and I also use 'NetTime-2b7' which
is Open Source software. I suspect the latter was the problem, since
the author stated in his documents that 2003 was the last time he
intended to work on it. It refused to allow any any manual setting of
the clock one hour ahead, and it certainly would not volunteer to set
it on its own. Using the Windows 'set time and date' function
consistently brought up a message saying 'gross error found in clock;
reset it or turn off time server?' and whenever I would manually
change the '2' (o'clock A.M.) to '3' it would immediatly set it back
to '2'. As soon as I tried manually changing the _date_ up to
somewhere in May, the clock would go up to '3' automatically. Back the
date back down to the right date, the '3' would be replaced by a '2'
once again. Furthemore, I use a secure form of telnet called 'puTTY'
to login to to work on this Digest, and puTTY
refused to work during the time I was tampering with the clock. So I
wound up changing the timezone to Eastern STANDARD time which is
really what Central DAYLIGHT SAVING time is anyway. Both NetTime-2b7
and puTTY now worked okay, and as I found out later, T Clock Ex did
not care either way.

It would seem to me that NetTime relies on the 'proper date' (the
proper Sunday in April) to do its thing, paying no attention to the
hours, just the minutes. Give it the 'proper' date (i.e. later than
the old changeover date in April) and it will do its thing. I wish
someone who knows about those things would do a software patch to
NetTime to adjust it to the proper date for time changes, etc. The
NetTime program is a good piece of software otherwise. PAT]

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