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>>> Wireless companies and phone makers say water damage is a common
>>> problem with cellphones

>> So why haven't the cellphone makers done something to fix the problem?
>> It's not that hard to make a phone that'd take some water without
>> breaking.


> Just want to add this ongoing anecdote. My 15 year old son's Samsung
> phone has now been through our Maytag washer's full cycle 3 times and
> through the dryer at least once. We put it in the sun or toaster oven
> for an hour and it starts working again 100%. Just ordered a new
> battery for it as the family tries to wait out our commitment to our
> wireless carrier for another 6 months.

Verizon appears to have finally given up on getting me to buy a new
phone. I'm still on my first cellphone (Nokia 5185i) and I see no
reason to "upgrade" to anything else.

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