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Re: Hell Continues to Freeze Over
21 Jan 2007 11:08:21 -0800

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is a small convenience store five
> blocks north of me on Main and Fourth Street. (A Dollar General
> place). They sell animal food, soda pop, potato chips, etc and if my
> motorized chair arrives sometime this week I will be able to get by
> I am sure.

We have a chain known as "Wawa" (for their HQ town) that is very good.
A few things are a bit pricey though others are competitively priced.
If you need only a couple of things it's cheaper to go there than
spend gas to the supermarket. The Wawa company is privately own (the
stock is not publicly traded), and all the stores are company owned
(no franchises). They keep their stores very clean and very well run.
Working there is a killer, but they give very good benefits to those
who can take it. We also have the national chain "7-11", but I will
not comment on them.

> But if it does not arrive, there is still the taxicab ...
> (Chad & grandmother...)

You're lucky you have good taxi service. Ours stinks. The cab depot
is a good distance away and the drivers are pretty scuzzy. In the
city, the taxis were lousy too; my mother was very uncomfortable with
the drivers. She much preferred the private services.

Anyway, good luck with the storms.

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