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20 Jan 2007 18:43:47 -0800

TELECOM Digest Editor noted in response to Lisa Hancock:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This may sound like a bizarre,
> diabolical question, but did you ever wonder how the custodian (of
> the school) ever got there _in the first place_ to spread the ashes
> around?

That's easy. At times like that the custodian would spend the night in
the building. He had a room fixed up for that purpose.

> I am barely old enough -- at my ancient age -- to
> recall when the boiler at our school converted from coal to gas

My school was built in 1948, late for coal, but there was some sort of
deal with the coal miners. People converted to oil or gas rapidly
after the war. My mother told me growing up with coal heat was
utterly miserable. It was warm, but a big mess to take care of and
very dirty and smelly. Her family thought switching to oil was the
greatest invention ever.

> And thanks for thinking about my food. My food supply is okay for
> another week; its the dog and cats' supply I am worried about. They
> have only a couple more day's worth unless I start rationing it out;
> I should put them on a diet anyway. All too big and fat (and sassy!).

My 90 year old neighbor decided he shouldn't drive anymore.
Unfortunately, around here that makes getting food and stuff difficult.

There's a convenience store about six blocks away, but it's a bit of a
walk in bad weather or for an older person. In the city there were
stores often closer by, although the old small groceries are gone,
replaced by chains. But in the city there are people who provide a
private taxi service for a modest fee, my mother found that very
helpful. Doesn't exist out here.

With the U.S. population aging and now in suburbia, there's gonna be a
real challenge on getting people around. In the city there are buses
and drivers, in the suburbs, zilch. We live in a totally car oriented
world now and for many people who physically can't drive that's equal
to prison. There's been some horrid accidents by such drivers who had
no choice but to drive. But the car advocates always win out.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: There is a small convenience store five
blocks north of me on Main and Fourth Street. (A Dollar General
place). They sell animal food, soda pop, potato chips, etc and if my
motorized chair arrives sometime this week I will be able to get by
I am sure. But if it does not arrive, there is still the taxicab.

Although taxicab rides here are a flat rate of $4.00 for anywhere in
town, City of Independence offers a subsidized program for old people
and/or sick, feeble people like myself. I pay $2.00 per ride anywhere
and city pays the other $2.00. I give the driver (a nice young man
named Chad or his grandmother (the other driver) my two dollars and a
coupon for each ride. Although most everything here is solid ice these
days, my back porch is covered (no snow underneath it) and when I call
Chad or grandma on the phone to come and pick me up, they drive about
_thisclose_ to the fence on that side so I can open the gate (and
hopefully close it before the dog gets away) while leaning on the
fence, then with a step or two I lean on the cab and open the
door. But the dog is smart -- a lot smarter than me, I think -- and
he is there lurking to run off when the gate is open. But the dog is
leary of my metal cane, and when I shake it at him and make a growling
noise he usually backs up and lets me get out. I'll use Independence
Cab to get to the store this week if my 'Scooter Store' chair does not
arrive in time. Chad is such a nice kid; usually if I go to Marvins or
a bigger store downtown he helps me load my groceries in the trunk of
the cab and when we get back home he hauls them in the house for me.

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