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Re: Caller ID Showing Which Calling Card Used???

Danny Burstein (
Mon, 18 Dec 2006 21:59:14 UTC

In <> Ken Abrams
<harvest_this@scum.suckers> writes:

> Chris Farrar <> wrote

>> Clearly Bell is now putting the "billing number" for the calling
>> card through as Caller ID.

>> Are any other phone companies doing this?

> I doubt it is a "billing number" and probably isn't directly related
> to the originator of the call at all. I've used prepaid cards from
> AT&T for about 5 years now. The CID that shows for calls I make comes
> from various places around the country: Denver, Dallas, San Francisco,
> etc. I assume that the 800 number I call to start the process
> actually routes to whatever AT&T center is the least busy at the
> moment and the CID number comes from there.

The original poster's writing was a bit vague, but I got the
impression he was talking about a calling card that was actually part
of his main landline phone service.

I know that some of the Bells, some of the time ... did, indeed, send
over the CNID of the home telephone/account number in the Bad Old
Days. But it's been a decade, or longer, since I've used or had any
friends using them, so have no idea how long this lasted.

(We looked into this option about five years ago for corporate use -
we wanted people to be able to call out from home or offsite or at
lunch.. and have the CNID show their work number. Think, oh, a teacher
or doctor calling from home. We weren't able to find anyone set up for

There are some folk _today_ who'll reset the CNID for you to whatever
you wish when you make the call. Check out, for example,

(no connection with them aside from having tested their service).

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