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Re: Who/What is 773-874-8589?

Robert Bonomi (
Tue, 05 Dec 2006 04:25:15 -0000

In article <>,
TELECOM Digest Editor <> wrote:

> Can anyone detirmine who this is?

Yup. trivially.

> They have called one of my voicemail numbers (773-828-4212 [go
> ahead,anyone is free to call it anytime]) for the past week, leaving
> a one second hang-up message. That's all anyone will ever get there
> (voicemail) but it is a nuisance to keep erasing all the hangup
> calls from 773-874-8589.

Did you try plugging that phone number into Google?

Or didn't you know that Google can do that?

I wonder what happens when you call (773) 796-9600 from a COCOTS. <evil grin>

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Well I did not try it, but I do know
about it. I tried it just now and got the 'T Bernard, 7832 S. May'
listing. Two-Oh-Eight-Oh now has a one dollar (is it?) charge per
call, unlike years ago when it amounted to a card file index box on
the chief operator's desk and it was free; I suppose the charge from a
COCOT would go to the COCOT owner unless the COCOT owner was
sophisticated enough to have it blocked out as a non-dialable number,
sort of like the 900 and 976 variety of numbers.

I wonder if the Chicago area had much snow this past weekend? 'They'
say our seventeen-inch blast was the second worst on record here in
Independence. *Everything* was shut down here all day Friday and the
rest of the weekend. Yesterday and today (Tuesday) it is starting to
become old, ugly news. No one came around here Friday, Saturday or
Sunday; yesterday (Monday) my housekeeper made it through to me; with
some pleading I convinced her to drive Raymond my helper, and myself
over to Marvins IGA to stock up on some groceries. On Monday (our
garbage pickup day in this part of town) the garbage trucks all had
been converted to snow plow duty; the main streets have all been
plowed, with HUGE mounds of snow piled everywhere and the requisite
HUGE lakes of water resulting running off to the sewers as icy slush.
Meals-on-Wheels said they were going to 'attempt' to resume service
tomorrrow (Wednesday). If this latest storm was the 'second-worst' in
the history of our town, I would hate to think of the worst one. PAT]

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