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Re: Who/What is 773-874-8589?

MB (
Mon, 04 Dec 2006 19:47:34 -0800

Horace Bernard
7832 S May St
Chicago, IL 60620
(773) 783-3558

T Bernard
7832 S May St
Chicago, IL 60620
(773) 874-8589

> TELECOM Digest Editor wrote:
> Can anyone detirmine who this is? They have called one of my voicemail
> numbers (773-828-4212 [go ahead,anyone is free to call it anytime]) for the
> past week, leaving a one second hang-up message. That's all anyone
> will ever get there (voicemail) but it is a nuisance to keep erasing
> all the hangup calls from 773-874-8589.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This second number, 783-3558, being at
the same address and same last name seemed a bit suspicious, so I
tried it also. An elderly black lady put her husband on the phone; he
said that 874-8589 was his daughter's phone, but he did not know when
she would be around, and he offered to take a message. I suggested he
could give her a messsage 'to call again later' and he said he would
do so. I left no other details (i.e. name, address or number) and he
said 'okay he would', and disconnected. The STEwart-3 and the
TRIangle-4 phone exchanges both are wired out of Chicago-Englewood, a
central office in a majority black neighborhood (West 79th and South
May Streets) on the south side of Chicago.

Oh well, just curious. PAT]

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