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Re: Who/What is 773-874-8589?

GlowingBlueMist (
Mon, 4 Dec 2006 19:30:22 -0600

TELECOM Digest Editor <> wrote in message

> Can anyone detirmine who this is? They have called one of my
> voicemail numbers (773-828-4212 [go ahead,anyone is free to call it
> anytime]) for the past week, leaving a one second hang-up
> message. That's all anyone will ever get there (voicemail) but it is
> a nuisance to keep erasing all the hangup calls from 773-874-8589.


A Google search it came up with the following:
"T Bernard (773) 874-8589 7832 S May St,Chicago, IL 60620"

A call to the Chicago Police Department reporting phone harassment might be
worth a try unless someone is spoofing the Caller ID.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When I called that number -- 874-8589,
the first time of idle curiosity, and the second time just now, it
rang (each instance) for five or six times, then was pulled away by
'call forwarding on no answer' and transferred to someone's voice mail
where I was informed "the mailbox for (uninteligible; the recording
allowed for human intervention with a name) is full. To enter another
number, please do so now". Oh well ... PAT]

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