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Re: My Continues to Offend

Danny Burstein (
Mon, 4 Dec 2006 02:50:18 UTC

In <> Tom McGhee
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> By Tom McGhee
> Denver Post Staff Writer

[ snip ]

> This year, courts have rendered judgments against individuals for
> making defamatory comments on the Internet in cases in Florida,
> Georgia and North Dakota. Lawsuits are pending in Colorado,
> California, Texas and Utah.

And I'd betcha tat the vast majority of these "judgments" came about
because the defendant never appeared and thus lost by default, and I'd
also betcha tat most of the rest (not quite all ...) would be
overturned on appeal.

Oh, and that the defendants don't have much in the way of attachable
resources, either.

> Earlier this month, Tony Perri,head of Boulder's public-access TV
> station, Channel 54, filed a criminal complaint alleging a former
> producer at the station, Jann Scott, put up a MySpace page that
> defamed him.

Criminal complaint about defamation? That's, umm, interesting.

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