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Re: Lycos Seeks Rebirth as a 'Virtual Living Room'

Steven Lichter (
Wed, 15 Nov 2006 04:29:19 GMT

Linc Madison wrote:

> In article <>, Kenneth Li
> <> wrote:

>> [Lycos] was purchased for $12.5 billion by Terra Networks [in 2000],
>> and sold to Korea's Daum for about $95 million in 2004.

> Wow -- that's 0.76 cents on the dollar in about four years. Pretty good
> return on investment, huh?

> I can't check out the new "Lycos Cinema," of course, because I use a
> Mac, besides which I use Firefox. Lycos Cinema only runs on Internet
> Explorer 6 or higher.

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That sucks, that type of discrimination leaves a lot of net users out.
Most of the streaming radio stations now work with the Mac. Even the
Blueroom with AT&T is working on it, but no date as of now. My Palm
Cell phone now even works with my Mac on HotSync.

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