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Re: Text Messaging Catches on in Music Business

Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:03:15 -0800

In article <>,
B. Wright <> wrote:

>> received more than 170,000 text messages. The Diddy campaign is just
>> one implementation of many that show how record companies and radio
>> stations use text messaging as a promotional tool.

> Wow, and they picked such a fine role model, a rap star who seems to
> always be under arrest for something or other, to send to the school
> didn't they? I wonder if he was packing when he showed up or if he
> decide to leave the Glock at home that day? My guess would be that
> the charitable record company/radio station was also requiring the
> text messages be sent to a premium rate destination and charging the
> kids up to about $1 per message; you do the math. Nice.

Could well be -- and in any case, the immensely more reprehensible
behavior here is the record companies and radio stations using -- and
being allowed by school authorities to use -- the schools and school
facilities as essentially advertising and marketing tools to the
students (following the lead, of course, of soft drink and fast food
vendors, and anyone else who can get their corporate hooks into the
educational system).

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