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Re: Two Strange Phone Calls Today

Bob Goudreau (
Mon, 30 Oct 2006 23:37:12 -0500

[Please obscure my email address as always.]

PAT wrote:

> And since the original call(s) -- there were
> two, remember, one picked up by voicemail and the next one
> immediately following both came from a bogus number in Austin, TX
> and what major corporation do we know which is located there in
> recent months having merged with another infamous bunch?

I give up Pat -- what major corporation could you be referring to?

It certainly isn't AT&T Inc. (the former SBC, which bought AT&T Corp.),
because that company is based in San Antonio, not Austin.

Bob Goudreau
Cary, NC

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That is what makes it a puzzle for me
also. I would assume the caller was inquiring about the Associated
Press mention of 'AT&T Gets Stalled on Purchase of BellSouth' and it
seemed odd he would get so far in his research of what was written to
call me asking for Mr. Dunbar (author of the AP story). But it also
seemed odd to me that the caller (whomever he was) had sufficent
control over his phone lines and ID of same to call me from an Austin,
Texas number one minute and call back ID'ing himself as a California
number a couple minutes later; both times on an inbound line of mine
known to no one except Digest readers. But if the caller had control
over a non-existent number in Austin, Texas and a working number in
Caifornia _and_ he was greatly interested in a Digest message about
AT&T, then whom might it have been? PAT]

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