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Re: AT&T's Advertised DSL Speed vs Reality?

Steven Lichter (
Mon, 18 Sep 2006 01:59:57 GMT

John Doe wrote:

> Does anyone connect at AT&T's advertised DSL speed?

> According to technicians at AT&T, my phone line is capable of 9 Mb per
> second.

> I have had the Pro Package which is supposed to be up to 3 Mb per
> second "depending on customer location" but I always connected at
> about 2400 kbs.

> What does "depending on customer location" mean, if not what the wire
> is capable of handling?

> By the way; Since I know I will get 2400 kbps if I go with the Pro
> Package again, I'm wondering what will I get if I go with the Express
> Package?

> Anybody have the Express Package? What is your real connection speed?

> Thank you.

I have had the Pro for 2 years and have yet to get anything below 3008
kbs. I guess maybe it is because I'm less then a mile from the switch,
but I'm also on some very old cable.

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