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Re: Exploitative Internet Marketing

Jim Stewart (
Mon, 11 Sep 2006 16:17:39 -0700

> Michael Perry wrote:

>> Self-regulation in food and beverage marketing is being exploited and
>> is failing to curb childhood obesity, research by a global obesity

> It's easy to blame the media (and now the Internet) for social
> problems, but I don't buy it.

> I find that hard to believe. I question the influence of solely
> advertising on obesity because: 1) all sorts of junk food has been
> aggressively advertised on TV and print for 50 years yet this obesity
> problem is recent and 2) they took cigarette ads off TV years ago but
> smoking remained popular for a long time afterwards 3) they never
> advertised hard liquor on TV but it is a growing youth problem and 4)
> they don't advertise illegal drugs at all on TV but it's a problem.

I suspect there are other factors involved, specifically the wholesale
replacement of sugar with high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener.
There are a couple of studies that implicate corn syrup as being more
addictive and more harmful than cane or beet sugar. I know personally
that I can drink a glass of sugar-sweetened lemonade and not want
another. OTOH, a glass of corn syrup lemonade will just cause me to
crave more.

Then there's the whole transfat thing too ...

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