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Re: Discovering Where a Number Is

Gene S. Berkowitz (
Sat, 9 Sep 2006 01:34:29 -0400

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> Carl Moore wrote:

>> I happened to come across a recent MSNBC TV program regarding some
>> newsmakers. As part of that, I saw an item on Scott Peterson
>> (convicted of murder of pregnant wife, Laci, in California). So there
>> was the part about having Amber Frey as a mistress, and Scott
>> P. claimed to be calling her from Europe and supposedly gave a
>> telephone number which Amber found to be in Modesto, California. Does
>> anyone else recall the program I am writing about?

> Frankly, I have no idea why this case made national news. I can
> understand it being local news, but not national and definitely
> dragged through cable news channels ad nauseum.

> Anyway, to find the town associated with a given area code and
> exchange, call your long distance operator or Information. This used
> to be free, but now they may charge you a $1.00 or so fee. There may
> be websites to do this, but they might not be accurate.

No, to find the town, type the area code, a hyphen, the exchange, and
another hyphen into Google. You will invariably get an address or
business in that area returned.

Note: the trailing hyphen is required or Google will assume you want to
subtract the exchange from the area code.


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