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Re: Is AT&T up to Its Tricks Again?

Matt Simpson (
Wed, 06 Sep 2006 11:51:03 -0400

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> Has anyone else had this happen to them recently where they were on
> the "One Rate Simple" plan and they recently got a bill for a minimum
> usage fee without prior warning?

I had this happen several years ago. It was a different plan, but it
was AT&T. I had a plan that was 5 cents/minute with no minimum.
Suddenly they started charging me $5/month. I called and raised hell,
and cancelled my service and got the charge reversed.

A quick web search will turn up many alternative long distance
services with low rates and no minimum. The one I currently use
charges 3 cents/minute, with no minimum. Since I use little long
distance, my bills are often a few cents or less. They let it go for
months until it gets over $1.00, and then bill my credit card.

They also provide a toll-free number at no cost (unless somebody calls
it .. then you pay the regular 3 cents/minute). I don't really need a
toll-free number, but I got it because it was free. It's a "real"
number too, not one of those where the caller has to enter another pin
or extension number after calling the number.

Cancel your AT&T service.

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