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Re: Call Center Employee Arrested for Credit Card Fraud
5 Sep 2006 10:46:16 -0700

Agence France Presse News Wire wrote:

> A call centre employee has been arrested in eastern India for
> allegedly using the credit cards details of US customers to make
> online purchases.

This will continue and be a big problem. I suspect this has happened
frequently already but the events are covered up by the companies.

At one time, when banks and other institutions were smaller, most
employees were very loyal. Generally the jobs were very secure and

However, today banks have shifted from a family atmosphere to a boiler
room. Employees now work in high pressure call centers where every
keystroke is monitored and EVERY error counted. Calls are timed.
There are strict quotas to be met. These are the equivalent of the
old Ford high speed assembly line, only electronic instead of
mechanical. Employees are just a "resource", nothing more. They come
and they go and no one cares.

Such atmospheres are more conducive to bad behavior, sabotage out of
spite, etc.

I remember a "Wonder Years" where Kevin got a job working at an old
fashioned hardware store. The owner was a grouchy old man. But Kevin
learned the hardware business well and the owner's wife treated him
like a son. Kevin left and became an anoymous mall rat, not staying
very long at a food stand, and no one caring.

Those small businesses and that kind of boss-worker relationship are
very rare today with almost everything run by chains. "Managers" are
some young self righteous snit, probably someone who was in the
corridor patrol in high school and took pleasure in challenging kids
for their hallpasses and kicking out those who didn't have them. The
owning corporation looks at some numbers, not at people, despite what
their house newsletters and commercials proclaim.

Again, these are the atmosphere where employees feel like no one cares
-- because no one cares -- and more likely to lash out from the
mindless bureacracy and quotas shoved at them. People who lash out
steal. What's to stop some bored waiter from taking a friend's black
box and secretly reading credit cards presented for payment?

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