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Re: Sam Spade

William Warren (
Thu, 10 Aug 2006 17:34:28 -0400

Wally Roberts wrote:

> I am the guy who posts as Sam Spade.

> I decided a long time ago to not give out a valid email address on any
> Usenet Group.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You are not the only person who is
> totally fed up with Usenet and the huge amount of spam generated by
> piracy of real names. I have been victimized by that for many years
> now; if they find any sort of real name and working email address they
> begin using it to spread their porn and other scams. After more than
> twenty years on Usenet and Internet how much of that do you suppose I
> deal with? We are going to begin making it a bit more difficult for
> them starting immediatly. Henceforth all subject lines _MUST_ have
> the word 'telecom' with a left bracket and a right bracket [] around
> the word, or the mail will be tossed by my own filter. The sender
> will get the auto-ack but with a note saying their mail has been
> rejected for lack of the magic word. The magic word will not be
> included in the subject line however. This takes effect immediatly,
> however there will be a two or three day grace period to allow all
> writers an opportunity to learn about it. The magic word has to
> be the very first word in the subject line. PAT]

Don't do it, Pat! If you do, the terrorists have won!

William Warren

(Filter noise from my address for direct replies)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Why would you say something like that?
The 'terrorists' won long ago, when you started asking people to
'filter noise from your address' and when readers started using
Spam Assassin and when mailing list maintainers started requiring
their readers to jump through hoops to get on or off mailing lists.
Why is a simple minded filter -- (either the word '[telecom]' is
present or it is not present) -- such a sign that the 'terrorists'
have won? PAT]

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