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Re: Cingular Analog/TDMA Surcharge

Mark Roberts (
Tue, 01 Aug 2006 19:49:44 -0000

Dan Lanciani <> had written:

> Looks like it might be time to leave Cingular. I currently still have
> an analog-only phone with a ~$25/month plan. It appears that
> Cingular's cheapest current plan is ~$40/month and doesn't even
> include unlimited nights/weekends. Sprint and T-Mobile have
> ~$30/month plans with unlimited nights/weekends and weekends
> respectively. I hate to give up the analog coverage, but maybe the
> new features make it worth considering.

In my household, this may finally motivate us to make some changes.
The two TDMA phones have batteries that are starting to get flaky. As
it is, we're not using even half the minutes we're paying for each
month. Even though we're on a corporate plan, I feel like we're
overpaying. And the plans that we have are not offered by Cingular any
more. Instead, Cingular keeps trying to entice us into changes with
new phones, with features that we don't need, offering rate plans that
are more expensive, giving us yet more minutes that we won't ever use,
while trying to lock us into two-year contracts. I don't see much
better from other providers, at least ones that work at my house. No
wonder I can resist the temptation.

Cell phone providers have earned their lousy, customer-hostile
reputation, and that reputation, too, rolls over from month to month.

Mark Roberts - Oakland, CA - NO HTML MAIL

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