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Re: Cingular Analog/TDMA Surcharge

Steven Lichter (
Wed, 02 Aug 2006 14:11:58 GMT

Mark Roberts wrote:

> Dan Lanciani <> had written:

>> Looks like it might be time to leave Cingular. I currently still have
>> an analog-only phone with a ~$25/month plan. It appears that
>> Cingular's cheapest current plan is ~$40/month and doesn't even
>> include unlimited nights/weekends. Sprint and T-Mobile have
>> ~$30/month plans with unlimited nights/weekends and weekends
>> respectively. I hate to give up the analog coverage, but maybe the
>> new features make it worth considering.

> In my household, this may finally motivate us to make some changes.
> The two TDMA phones have batteries that are starting to get flaky. As
> it is, we're not using even half the minutes we're paying for each
> month. Even though we're on a corporate plan, I feel like we're
> overpaying. And the plans that we have are not offered by Cingular any
> more. Instead, Cingular keeps trying to entice us into changes with
> new phones, with features that we don't need, offering rate plans that
> are more expensive, giving us yet more minutes that we won't ever use,
> while trying to lock us into two-year contracts. I don't see much
> better from other providers, at least ones that work at my house. No
> wonder I can resist the temptation.

> Cell phone providers have earned their lousy, customer-hostile
> reputation, and that reputation, too, rolls over from month to month.

> Mark Roberts - Oakland, CA - NO HTML MAIL

I have had Sprint for some years and have had no problems with
them. On two times when I contacted them for questions, I was advised
that I could save money by changing to a cheaper plan using less
minutes since I was not using mine, I did not ask them -- they told
me, the reason was they would rather keep a customer. Also the last
time I called I was given a 10% discount for the remainder of my
contract. Also when it does come up I will get the $150.00 discount
is I want new handsets, plus any other rebates they have at the time.
I had worked for GTE/Verizon and when Airtouch and GTE Mobelnet merged
I dropped Airtouch because I did not want to have to deal in anyway
with Modelnet.

Maybe others have had problems with Sprint, I have not, but then you
hear problems from others about all the companies, so I guess it is
just who you have the best luck with, is who you stay with.

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