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Re: Cingular Analog/TDMA Surcharge

Steve Sobol (
Mon, 31 Jul 2006 21:17:07 -0700

Dan Lanciani wrote:

> Looks like it might be time to leave Cingular. I currently still have
> an analog-only phone with a ~$25/month plan. It appears that
> Cingular's cheapest current plan is ~$40/month and doesn't even
> include unlimited nights/weekends. Sprint and T-Mobile have
> ~$30/month plans with unlimited nights/weekends and weekends
> respectively. I hate to give up the analog coverage, but maybe the
> new features make it worth considering.

If you can get your Cingular phone unlocked, you can stick a T-Mo sim
into it. Plus, Sprint used to be nowhere near as horrible as many
people claimed - my wife and I used them for years with no problems --
and then their CS tanked when they outsourced it. T-Mo customer
service has been consistently terrific for us in the year since we
moved there from Sprint.

> What does T-Mobile's unlimited web service at $5.99/month do for me?
> Would I be able to access arbitrary web servers (in particular, my
> own) or is it only for special "mobile web destinations?" (I don't
> mean whether the format of the web page is suitable for a mobile
> display but whether they constrain the the IP addresses to which I can
> connect.)

It's supposed to allow you to access any mobile web site, unlike T-Zones
which is free but only allows access to T-Mo's web portal.

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