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Mon, 31 Jul 2006 06:26:33 -0400 wrote:

> DLR wrote:

>> Earthlink broadband is a resale of an incumbents last mile. So if the
>> last mile with DSL or cable is ok, it comes down to would you rather
>> do business with Earthlink, your cable company, or your phone company
>> as a broadband provider. I've dealt with Earthlink, TimeWarner, and
>> Bellsouth here in Raleigh NC and would take EL any day of the week and
>> pay a premium to do so compared to the other choices.

> Earthlink would be thru TWC. TWC offers: RoadRunner Earthlink and I
> think New York Connect.

> But when I went into TWC to get specs for Earthlink in writting I was
> told that $19.99 promo was over and that promo was now $29.99.

Re-read my the last sentence of my previous message.

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