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Re: 303-720-1234 (Re: Caution: Unidentified Callers)
24 Jul 2006 13:37:57 -0700

Anthony Bellanga wrote:
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> DLR <> wrote:

>> I got a call yesterday on my Sprint cell phone from 303-720-1234.
>> I had no idea at the time where area code 303 was so I let it go
>> to voice mail. But they didn't leave a message. So today I tried
>> to call it back and got a "no such number exists" type of message.
>> And I can't find anyone with this number via Google searches and
>> don't really want to pay for more information. Now to be honest it
>> looks a bit bogus to me. 1234 and all.

> It is bogus. 303 is the area code for the Denver CO Metro area. (At
> one time, the entire state of Colorado used 303, but that was some
> time ago). 720 is being used as a central office code within the 303
> area code in your situation, but the 720 numerics as an area code also
> happens to be the overlay area code for the Denver CO Metro area.
> Since ten-digit local dialing is mandatory within the Denver Co Metro
> area of area codes 303 and 720 in overlay, there isn't anything
> "wrong" with having a 303-720 code, nor a 720-303 code, nor even a
> 303-303 or 720-720 code. Ten-digit local dialing is mandatory in
> overlay areas.

> However, it happens that at this time, there is no such 303-720 code
> assigned in the Denver CO Metro area. I looked up the central office
> code reports at NANPA's website, and 303-720 is
> unassigned but still available for assignment.

> So, you probably got a call from a telemarketer sending bogus caller-ID
> information.

> Typical. :(

I have gotten a call on my cell-phone from 303-720-1234 also, it was a
recorded message in Spanish that I couldn't understand. I have gotten
this same message three times now, always from a different number most
recently from 351-460-1234.

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