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Re: Pre A/C Central Office Ventilation?

Jim Haynes (
Mon, 17 Jul 2006 01:05:09 GMT

Straying off to one side of the topic, there is an interesting house
in Texarkana that is now a museum. Called the Ace of Clubs house
because of its shape -- the original builder supposedly won the money
to build the house on the turn of a card. Anyway there is a central
column in the middle of the three lobes of the club that goes all the
way to the roof -- the house is three stories high. And there are
sunken places around the outside walls that are meant to be sinks for
cool air. So hot air rises through the central shaft and goes out the
top, drawing in cool air at the bottom from the sinks. I can't say
how well it works, but for late 1800s technology it seems pretty

jhhaynes at earthlink dot net

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