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Re: Caution: Unidentified Callers Ahead
17 Jul 2006 10:03:54 -0700

Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:

> The FCC could require this at the drop of a hat, and it could be
> complied with -- imperfectly at first, much better very quickly --
> with the flick of a switch.
> Network operators should be required to disconnect customers who feed
> bogus customer-provided numbers. Certainly any network providing
> customer-provided numbers and claiming them to be network-provided
> should be disconnected by all of their peers.

Everything you suggest makes perfect sense. In this day an age, there
is absolutely no excuse for Caller ID to display anything but the
correct originating telephone number of record.

But unfortunately, in the interests of "competition", we have allowed
sleazy, lazy, and incompetent telecom providers into the system and a
nightmare of lousy connections. As a matter of public policy (espoused
by so many users on this newsgroup), the old line Bell successor
companies were evil and the newcomers were our saviours.

We also tolerate hordes of fraud and sleazy practices from shady
overseas companies. Remember how some countries would fake out a
user's modem to quietly dial a very expensive overseas phone call?
Countries that allow that sort of thing should be cut off from
international calling networks. (I am nervous that I'll accidently
dial some superexpensive Carribean country with an unknown area code
since they split up 809.)

There is no excuse for the FCC or FTC or whoever to not demand proper
technical standards and compliance with them. There is no excuse for
main line companies (the "backbone providers") to require such
compliance or refuse to connect with them.

Remember how consumers got burned with "slammers" where their long
distance carrier was unkowingly changed and huge bills followed? The
phone companies were required by public policy to allow anyone to hook
up to the existing networks. That was ridiculous and wouldn't be
tolerated in other lines of business.

Any newcomer desiring to hook up to existing networks should first
demonstrate their financial stability (perhaps posting a security
bond), good business practice, and ability to comply with standards,
all BEFORE the connection is provided.

The newcomers off course couldn't stand that because it would cost
them too much and then they couldn't undersell existing companies. If
VOIP carriers had to first install 911 capability and other basic
features like proper Caller ID before they sought customers, would
their prices have been so cheap? I don't think so!

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