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Re: Caution: Unidentified Callers Ahead

Robert Bonomi (
Sun, 16 Jul 2006 03:07:24 -0000

In article <>, Rick Merrill
<> wrote:

> Sam Spade wrote:

>> The FCC never took jurisdiction over name identification.

>> Should they?

> Is that you Sam?-) What exactly would the FCC "enforce" if they took
> over name id? All the "unavailable" calls I get do not even show the
> phone number!

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: What they could enforce, if they
> wished to go to the trouble, would be to insist that all telephone
> calls for which name/number delivery was technically possible were
> required to give that same information. No more playing around with
> it, as telemarketers are inclined to do. PAT]

The FTC already _does_ require telemarketers to provide accurate caller ID
info. AND they've got bigger fining authority than the FCC on such matters.

Get anything other than 'not available', or accurate ID info -- file a
complaint with the FTC.

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