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Re: Superframing and ESF ... A Little Confused

William Warren (
Fri, 14 Jul 2006 14:05:59 -0400 wrote:

> (Switched 56K service). Signaling is accomplished through a "Robbed
> Bit" method where bit 8 of each channel's timeslot is "robbed" to
> indicate a signaling state in the 6th and 12th frames. Effective
> throughput for the A signaling bit (Frame 6) is 666.66 BPS. Effective
> throughput for the B signaling bit (Frame 12) is the same (666.66 BPS).

> But i cant figure out how they got to 666.66Bps?

8000 samples per second = 8000 bps

The "A" or "B" bit is robbed in two frames out of 12, so -

8000 bps * (10/12) = 6666.66 bps

6666.66 bps = 666.66 BPS (Bytes per second), assuming asynchronous ASCII
with 8 bit bytes, one start bit, and one stop bit.


William Warren

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