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Re: Caller ID Scammers Plan to do a Number on You

Rick Merrill (
Fri, 14 Jul 2006 10:38:30 -0400

Monty Solomon wrote:

> By Gary Haber, The News Journal

> Caller ID -- the little telephone display that tells you who's calling
> -- is many people's protection from folks they'd rather not talk to,
> whether it's a telemarketer making a pitch at dinner time or a scammer
> trying to con them out of personal financial information.

> Now, legislation pending in Congress would strengthen a line of
> defense that turns out to be more porous than many may think.

> Technology readily available for sale over the Internet allows callers
> to fool caller ID with a bogus name and number. The practice is known
> as identity spoofing.

> It's hard to get a handle on how widespread identity spoofing is, but
> it's gone well beyond harmless pranks.

> The AARP Bulletin recently reported a scam in which people received
> fraudulent calls claiming they missed jury duty and asking for their
> Social Security number. The calls seemed legitimate because the
> telephone number of the local courthouse showed up on caller ID.

> In Pennsylvania, constituents of Republican Rep. Tim Murphy were
> flooded with bogus calls from someone purporting to be from Murphy's
> office.

> The primary worry for consumers is that if a call appears to be coming
> from their bank, credit card company or a government agency, they
> could be persuaded to give up financial data a thief could use to open
> new bank accounts or apply for loans and credit cards.

Even the old advice not to give out info unless you placed the call is
now obsolete because the crooks are sending fake phone numbers via

CID is now much more easily spoofed by using VOIP. In fact they can
make it appear as if the call is a local call while in reality the
call is from an overseas address. The people chasing these crooks are
not Verizon, not the FBI, but the Postal Inspectors!

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