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mc (
Mon, 10 Jul 2006 20:01:07 -0400

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> But then I found out the downside. My speed won't increase that much
> because of the need for a firewall and virus protection. Everything
> coming across the line, including today's constant java applets, must
> be carefully checked for virus and spyware infestation. That slows
> stuff down greatly.

I don't think it does. Has anyone made measurements? Text files and
graphics don't have to be checked, only executable code.

> How much effort does the technical people who define the Internet's
> data exchange protocols put into developing indelible "return
> addresses" and "postmarks" so as to track the source of sabotage and
> harassment?

That I agree with. The Internet was designed for use within secure research
labs. It needs to be completely re-engineered for use by the public. We
can't make authentication perfect, but we can make fakery a *lot* harder
than it presently is. We can also make our software make more intelligent
use of the routing information that is already included in everything we
receive; phishing, for instance, is close to 100% detectable if anyone cares
to do it.

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