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Re: Bellsouth Keeps Calling

Thu, 29 Jun 2006 07:51:10 -0400

sawney beane wrote:

> Bellsouth seems to call me daily. They sound like voices from the
> West Indies. I keep saying no and hanging up, and they keep calling.
> I suppose it's to pay for this service that my phone bill has doubled
> in ten years.

> Today I asked why they kept calling. The caller used this to launch
> her pitch. $21.22 would cover local and long-distance service, and it
> wouldn't change. I said I wouldn't agree to anything until I had it
> in writing. She said I'd get it in writing after I agreed. She kept
> pushing without really telling me anything until I hung up.

> Years ago, an AT&T salesman got me to agree to promises that were
> utterly false. I phoned AT&T, whose representative said AT&T was not
> responsible, but he corrected the situation with more promises that
> proved to be false. I was not able to get a full refund for the
> "services" I didn't ask for or use.

> I don't want to go through that with Bellsouth. Their website doesn't
> mention the plan described on the phone. Can I have Bellsouth
> executives arrested for harassing me?

You need to use the phrase "Do not call me again." You should at that
time have your request noted and very likely get to talk to another
person to verify your request. Hanging up will not stop the calls.

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