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Re: Campus Fax Finder
27 Jun 2006 14:27:27 -0700

Bob Goudreau wrote:

> It should have been pretty easy to catch from the header in the
> message from the second poster (who was, as you mention, the one who
> stated that there was no law where he/she lived preventing
> fax-hunting):

Assuming the header appeared. My newsreader shows only name, date,
and subject, no organization. There are a great many varieties of
newsreaders out there and countless options on them. Not everyone
sees the same thing.

>> (P.S. I'm familiar with Canada, but what/where is _Canada_ ? Is that
>> a separate region with different rules than main Canada?)

> Lisa, this hardly becomes you. You are a well-known long-time and
> respected contributor to the Digest, so people will simply not find it
> credible if you claim you have never seen underscores used to indicate
> emphasis before.

Sorry about that. I was attempting a subtle hint which obviously
didn't convey my point. IMHO the poster I was replying to way
overuses emphasis remarks -- numerous words in every sentence are
emphasized in various ways. It becomes hard to read. Rather than
emphasing it actually confuses. I guess it doesn't bother anyone

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