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Re: What is Net Neutrality all About?
17 Jun 2006 18:43:37 -0700

I generally want to buy communications, not content, from a
communications company, so I don't like the "partnering" between
content and connectivity providers. But, I'm wondering if part of the
net neutrality debate can be compared to 800 numbers on the PSTN.
There, companies pay a telecommunications carrier to give preferred
treatment to calls to them over calls to others, in terms of
cost. Could a similar idea be adopted by broadbnad providers? You
normally have to pay say $70 per month to get 6Mbps connectivity. You
only pay for 1Mbps connectivity (maybe $20 per month?). But, a content
provider gives you 6Mbps connectivity when viewing their site, at no
additional charge. The content provider pays the extra charge. Kinda
like an 800 number?


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